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  • Biceps Curl

    Stand tall in a slight step position, the chest expander fixated with your front foot on the ground. Make sure to step hard on it, otherwise it might snap up and hit you. Take the handle with the same side hand where your foot is fixing the chest expander. Put the other hand between your […]

  • Military Press

    Stand tall, one handle of the chest expander fixed at your hip, with the arm straight. The other arm is pushing the chest expander straight overhead. Doing a slight curved motion can make it less stressful for your shoulder. Perform as many repetitions as possible, then switch hands. The Military Press is a great exercise […]

  • Whippet

    Description The Whippet is an advanced exercise. The ready position is the big T, where the expander is in your back and your arms are straight extended to the sides. Now allow the expander slowly to pull your arms back until you reach your maximum stretch. Then pull back into ready position, keep your arms […]

  • Front Chest Pull

    Description Ready Position: Stand tall, with the chest Expander in front of you and your arms straight. Now pull the chest expander with straight arms until your body looks like a big T and the chest expander is touching your chest. Then slowly move back into ready position. Keep your arms straight! This is one […]

  • Back Press

    Description Ready Position: Chest Expander held across the shoulders with body erect and with the feet slightly apart if desired. Movement: Press out the expander until the arms are prefectly straight and in a line with the shoulders. The body may be bent forward in the endeavour to press out the strands, but must assume […]

  • Chest Press

    Description Ready Position: Stand tall, chest expander in front of your chest. Grab it, palms facing to the front, elbows close touching each other in front of the sternum. Now press it until your arms are completely stretched, and your body looks like a big T. Floor and chest expander should be parallel to each […]

  • Lateral Raise

    Description Ready Position: Stand tall with hanging arms and the chest expander in front of you. Palms facing each other. Now lift your hands and arms until your body forms a big T. Your arms should be straight during the upwards movement. Now return slowly into ready position, keep your arms straight! All the work […]