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  • Lunge

    The lunge is a well-liked leg-strengthening exercise that will spice up your routine. Also, changing your technique enables you to highlight various muscles or elements of those muscles. This exercise is helpful for both preventing injuries and recovering from them. It frequently forms a component of a rehab protocol or foundational strength program, enabling athletes […]

  • Dip

    Introduction A dip is a push-style complex exercise that simultaneously engages many muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest. The muscles that you use when executing dips are listed in the following table. Basic Exercise Data For Dips By holding onto two parallel bars that are roughly shoulder-width apart, you can perform dips. With your […]

  • Body Row

    The body row is an excellent upper body exercise that can help you progress to full bodyweight pull-ups because it uses the same muscle groups. Primary Muscle Biceps Secondary Muscle(s) Triceps, Back Difficulty Beginner Also known as Bar Row, Bodyweight Row, Australian Pull-up, Inverted Row, Horizontal Row Optional Rings, Pull-up Bar How to do body […]